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BICI project won the first prize in BTR New Energy Technology Competition

Published: May-31-2021

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In early April, the research project of the Institute, "Crosslinked Solid Electrolyte" from Cornell University participated in the first BTR New Energy Technology Competition sponsored by Shenzhen Beterui New Materials Group. Through a preliminary screening and a final defense, it finally stood out in more than 60 projects at home and abroad and won the first prize.

This BTR new energy technology competition focuses on indicators such as project feasibility, innovation, scientific advancement, and economic practicability, and attracts many excellent projects from Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute and the Helmholtz Research Center in Germany. In the final defense round, our project was highly recognized by Beterui's battery experts for its technological maturity and advancement, which also brought opportunities for the project to further deepen cooperation with Beterui New Materials.

About Beterui: Shenzhen Beterui New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of new energy materials for lithium-ion secondary batteries controlled by China Baoan Group. It is the world's largest supplier of lithium-ion battery anode materials and the only anode in the world. An enterprise with a complete value industrial chain of materials, integrating basic research, product development, production and sales, has developed into an industry leader with the world's largest market share in the lithium ion anode material industry.

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