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Spin-off of research project successfully secured 10M+ RMB funding in its first-round financing

Published: Sep-16-2021

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In June 2021, the project " Breath analysis using high-performance portable gas chromatography devices " co-led by Professor Kevin Ward and Professor Fan Xudong from the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Michigan has officially concluded, and the spin-out company ChomX Health has completed its angel round & strategic funding in the same month.

The project was officially established in October 2019. It uses the world’s leading small two-dimensional gas chromatography technology to develop a bedside portable high-resolution breath analyzer. Analyze and develop fast, convenient, non-invasive and non-destructive in vitro diagnostic equipment and software. This technology can be used for the detection and early diagnosis of various diseases such as respiratory tract, digestive tract, and metabolic diseases, improving the cure rate, reducing patient pain, saving treatment costs, and having great clinical benefits.

After successfully attracting Dr. Wang Junqi, the lead researcher of the original project team, to join the company as the founder, the company began to develop rapidly. Dr. Wang returned to China in January 2021 to begin operation of the company, ChromX Health, and quickly formed a capable team with top-notch technology and rich experience in product, marketing and management. The company is based on an independently developed intelligent breath analysis platform to achieve accurate rapid diagnosis, early screening, disease monitoring and tracking, and chronic disease health management. ChromX Health’s intelligent platform uses multi-molecule full-spectrum analysis to replace the currently broadly used single-molecule breath detection, and combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, one breath can detect and screen multiple diseases, with higher accuracy and wider range of application.The development of ChromX Health quickly attracted the attention of capital, and within just a few months of its establishment, it successfully completed an exclusive angel round investment from Zhen Fund, and subsequently locked in strategic investment from a well-known real estate group, with a total financing amount of 10M+ RMB.